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Algumas Considerações Are you new to affiliate programs? Or are you, like most people, a member in a current program but wasting countless hours and dollars promoting it, only to receive mere pennies in commission checks?
If you are, let me ask you this...
Do you know the number one secret for generating insane profits in record time? Can you see yourself being hundreds, even thousands of dollars richer in just a few short months? And did you know that this secret is risk-free and costs virtually nothing? No, it's not...

A pyramid scheme,
A get-rich-quick scheme,
A stock investment scheme,
An offshore scheme or tax shelter,
An online casino or adult business scheme,
A full-fledged and costly ecommerce business
Or some other illegal, unethical or expensive method.

Imagine making tons of cash as easily and as inexpensively as no investment but a few hours a day of your time (and maybe a few dollars to get you up and running). And imagine learning the surefire tactics and strategies for accomplishing just that... Quickly! Imagine:

Learning insider tips and tricks for making "real" money online, and knowing what works and what doesn't from someone who's been there and failed (and succeeded!), thus saving you loads of time, money and energy spinning your wheels doing it all alone.
Having access to information that's continually updated and fresh, unlike many "how to" marketing and business books that become obsolete the moment they are published -- and remember, on the Internet things happen much faster than in the "real" world!
Receiving free, personalized, one-on-one consulting from someone who's learned the ropes and discovered the secret THE HARD WAY (saving you tons of frustration learning them alone).
While this little secret has actually made me really successful in an extremely short amount of time, I must admit it wasn't an easy road.
I flopped so many times, I lost count...
How One Little Idea Helped me Earn Over $9000 in Less Than 6 Weeks (FREE)!
Before I share it with you, let me tell you about myself. I don't have a university degree -- and certainly didn't have a lot of money to invest in a business (make that none!).
I worked in many part time jobs while in school and, when I graduated with an associates degree in Business Management at a community college, I started my first "real" job... You know, the one you think will carry you through until retirement.
I married at the age of 21. Throughout this time I worked my "good" job (as a customer service representative), which I grew to dislike more and more. But with no hope of advancement, I soon felt trapped.
I wanted more. I wanted to become successful. I wanted...
To Make Money!
Throughout my twenties I tried different money making opportunities such as Mary Kay Cosmetics, Equinox, Club Atlanta Travel, medical billing, selling Go Juice online (for weight loss) and so on. Nothing worked (as well as I hoped). During this time, I tried everything...
Business opportunities,
Multilevel marketing,
Network marketing,
Selling (on and offline),
Direct marketing, Online businesses,
Banner advertising, Email marketing,
Newsgroup marketing,
Discussion lists,
Articles and press releases,
Classifieds and display ads, Ad submitters and blasters,
Reciprocal links,
Surveys and contests...
You name it!
After a while, things became worse. My marriage failed, my bills piled up and my sanity was going out the window. Then, after years of hunting high and low for that "solution" that will make me truly prosperous, I finally discovered the secret to making obscene money fast...

That Secret is...
Affiliate Program Mastery!
But hang on a second, it's more than you think! Much more...

Promoting affiliate programs (also known as "reseller" or "associate" programs) is a fantastic way to make money quickly! While there's no such thing as get rich quick, there's certainly a way to get rich quicker!
An affiliate program is simply an opportunity to earn money by promoting another company's product. You don't have the problems associated with having a product of your very own (e.g., inventory, customer service, product development, testing, etc). All you have to do is promote and cash checks! The parent company takes care of the rest.
But affiliate programs alone will never make you any (or enough money). Everyday, me and my partner Wes get emails like these...

> Tameka,
> > I am an affiliate for [this program] and
> I'm terribly frustrated. I'm barely > making any money! Please help?
> Tameka and Wes,
> > Being affiliates yourselves, I'm sure > you understand. I just received my first > affiliate check... $2.68! What a bummer!
> > And I've been marketing this program for > ages! Is there a way to promote this and > make serious money like they claim???

> Tameka,
> > I really enjoyed your recent article
> on "Who really wins in the Gold Rush."
> > I'm wondering. How can I apply this to
> my business? I mean, where can I find
> those "gold rushers" for my business?
> In other words, where are my clients?

The Answer is in the "How," not the "What"!

Most companies that offer reseller programs provide their affiliates with their own unique URL for tracking purposes. For example, let's say you sign up as an affiliate for a hypothetical company called "Vacation Magic." Your unique affiliate URL may look something like this:
When someone clicks on this URL, they are taken to the company's website. Should they decide to purchase a product or service from the company, you earn a commission just for referring them! The more people you send, the more likely you are going to make money!
But here comes the tricky part...

Getting started with an affiliate program is easy and usually free (often, all you need is a website, and we'll show you how to get one for just a few dollars!). Knowing how to promote your unique URL properly (and effectively), which strategies work, how to drive insane quantities of visitors to your parent company's site, and turn little $10 commission checks into $100 or even $1000 checks is the hard part...
If you're new to affiliate programs or wasting loads of hours and dollars promoting them (for mere pennies in income), then is for you! We'll help turn you from an Affiliate Waster into an Affiliate Master! You'll learn proven, hard-earned secrets, tips and strategies for making your program work for you (and not the other way around!).
"I just had to send you my thoughts on your program. When I first saw your website, I will admit I was skeptical and almost passed up your offer but, now that I have been a member for some time now, boy, I am glad I did join! Ever since that day I have been finding new ways to add to my business that have been nothing but positive. And your free consultation is GREAT! This has helped me more than any other means. Keep up the good work!" -- Michael J. Homan,
As an "Affiliate Master in Training," Here's What You Get With Your Membership
When my partner, Wes Pritt, and I first started on the Internet, we launched a site but started promoting affiliate programs to help pay the bills. Before long, and after numerous flops and failures, we had made thousands of dollars selling other people's products!
Every single day, we receive emails (like those above) from folks who are promoting products for other companies. We have found that most of these folks are very serious about being successful but frustrated, alone and, most importantly, confused about Internet marketing. Without proper training, some folks get discouraged and give up all together.
We decided to develop a comprehensive resource that would show affiliates exactly, with step-by-step, cradle-to-grave strategies, on how to promote any affiliate opportunity online! We share our hard-earned secrets, tips and strategies that come from the result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears (not to mention hours and dollars)!
Today, we've already helped thousands of people!
"The Internet seems to be a wide area of confusion which must, out of necessity, be narrowed down to a specific point. You and your company are accomplishing that for my new endeavor. Thanks!" -- Ken Ott, Heritage Affiliate

"OK Tameka, but What do I Really Get?"

If you're serious about being successful online with your affiliate program (and are tired of empty promises of wealth and success), let us show you how! Don't have one yet? We'll share with you tips on how to find one (that's free and potentially profitable), and proven techniques for generating astronomical levels of traffic to your affiliate page.

In essence, you get proven, step-by-step, easy-to-use, hassle-free and fluff-free methods for becoming (and continually being) successful with your affiliate program. In our exclusive members area, you'll learn:
The 4 most important changes you will need to implement (and the 2 biggest misconceptions you will need to avoid) RIGHT NOW if you ever want to become truly successful online!
How to get started with your very own cash-generating website -- that's if you don't already have one -- and everything you need to be up and running in no time (and for pennies a day)!
How to track your affiliate business(es) properly and easily to make sure you get every single penny you deserve (and know where you stand at all times, without any question or doubt)!
How to get others to link to you with this simple yet extremely effective technique -- with real-world, step-by-step examples and templates you can start using in your business immediately! How to design a winning website so your visitors do exactly what yo
u want them to do, and what you MUST include if you want your website to be effective (failing to do this will cost you big)!
How to write a good, truly compelling sales letter that will get your visitors to literally beg for your affiliate opportunity (and have them refer others to your site again and again and again)!
"I just want to thank you for all the valuable information you passed along to me regarding affiliate relationships and business opportunities on the web. As a business owner with a new web project, your help has been a tremendous resource!" -- Judy Doherty, Artemis Communications
"Sure Tameka, but I'm a 'Nuts-and-Bolts' Kind of Person... Tell me, What do I REALLY Get?"
OK, I'll cut to the chase. In our private members area, you'll discover:

Over 60 power-packed, step-by-step tutorials that will teach you not how to succeed but how we succeeded (no fluff, no promises and no speculation) -- these techniques are tested and proven!
The 12 crucial DOs and DON'Ts of effective email marketing that can either explode your profits through the roof -- or sap your energy in useless promotion, not to mention your bank account!
The single tool that can place your entire affiliate business on auto-pilot (saving loads of time) and literally double your sales!
One simple technique to get other sites to link to your site (you'll be amazed at how easy this is) -- a technique that can get others to promote your affiliate program for you without lifting a finger!
Where to find ezines (e.g., email newsletters and opt-in lists) that offer FREE advertising -- most people don't know they exist!
How to find quality ezines where your ad will be exposed in front of thousands (even tens of thousands) of eager subscribers -- and how to weed out ezines that are a total waste of money!
How I generated over 800 hits to my site in a single day when I first started online -- it was FREE and I still do this over and over!
How to effortlessly leverage your marketing so that it multiplies like wildfire on the web -- it's like hiring an entire staff of sales reps working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... For FREE!
How to turn merely two hours of your time into a continuous stream of residual hits that can last for months or even years!

The 4 types of affiliate markets and how you can use someone else's market to turn the odds of success in your favor -- knowing this alone, in advance, is a really huge time and money saver! The reason why generalized advertising never works and the absolute best place to post your ad -- this will bring you highly targeted traffic (and in fact it costs much less than you think)!
5 traffic-generating ideas that can lead to an explosion of FREE, highly targeted traffic that will be qualified and ready to buy!
The 7 elements that every ad must have (without them you're not getting your money's worth) -- and one simple word that will drive traffic to your site and make your hit counter spin!
Over 400 power words (yes, 400!) to use when writing ads or sales copy -- in other words, you'll learn what words generate the best response -- and what words you must avoid at all costs!
The 15 components of truly irresistible, action-generating and productive banner ads that will drive your clickthrough ratio mad!
And much, much, much more!
In our Affiliate Mastery member's area, you have instant access to over 100 pages of powerful information that is continually updated! We find and try a new technique that can make your profits will always be the first one to know! In other words, you will have the "first crack" at any new moneymaking ideas we come across!
"Dear Tameka, I'm exceptionally impressed with your site, and the kind nature of it! The service you provide is terrific! It also gives others peace of mind to know that this is done by human hand not auto-machine! Well done!"
-- Ricci Di Donato, Samdale Computers Ltd.
Why Affiliate Mastery?
Sure you can find most of this information on the Internet. But we put it all in one single place for you and, on top of that, give you easy to understand, step-by-step tutorials on how to put them to work NOW! We also update it all the time (unlike other online marketing courses).
Imagine how much time you'll save!
If you're like most people, you want to make money fast! Do you have the time to search for this kind of information, let alone the time to test it (and, at the same time, possibly fail and needlessly learn from your mistakes)? You probably don't. So instead, learn from our mistakes!
If you've been online for a while, you've probably discovered that there are many companies selling generic Internet marketing courses. You likely also know that these courses cost anywhere from $200 to $500! While many of these courses are great, keep in mind this important fact...
They were not designed for folks promoting affiliate programs!
Remember, our members area is always current, unlike a book that is quickly outdated -- not to mention the many FREE tools we provide that no mere book or generic course can offer! Bottom-line, our exclusive member's area was designed specifically for people like you!
OK, Let's Wrap This up...

How much would you expect all of this to cost? Five hundred dollars? Three hundred dollars? One hundred dollars??? Nope. "But how can you offer all of this for less than $100?" you might ask. Easy. We realize that you're just starting and don't want to spend that kind of money.
We'll let you have immediate access to the member's area, and to all of the tools and information, for an entire year (heck, that's 365 days!), for an incredibly low investment of only $67! I'm sure you'll agree, this is an outstanding bargain when you consider everything you're getting!
And best of all, you get this exclusive, one-of-a-kind bonus...
FREE, Unlimited, Personal Consulting From TAMEKA and WES!
Get your marketing questions answered! Remember, you're not in this alone. That, by itself, can be extremely frustrating... We know! As an "Affiliate Master in training," you will have us by your side to answer any promotion questions you may have! Let us take you by the hand!
Perhaps you have written your first sales letter and would like an opinion, or maybe you're getting ready to place an ezine ad and you're just not sure about the last sentence. It doesn't matter... You can rest easier knowing you have professional advice at your fingertips!
This alone is something you simply won't find anywhere else!
When we consult clients, generally we charge them our standard $95 per hour fee... Therefore, once you become a member, our personalized, one-on-one consulting will pay for your membership many times over!
But hurry. We're only human (and there's only so many hours in a day!). So in order to limit the number of hours we do provide, we must limit the number of members too. As a result, we can only extend this special offer until midnight tonight (pacific time), Tuesday, January 9th 2001! Want to order now? Click here.
But wait! Order before midnight, January 9th 2001 and you'll get...
Our 110%, 6 Whole Months (Yes, That's 180 Days!), No Questions Asked, Get Every Single Penny Back "We Must be Mad" GUARANTEE!
Test-drive our private site for a whole 6 entire months! If after 180 days you are not completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever, and if, after trying some of the ideas and techniques, you don't make a measurable improvement in your income, you get a complete 100% refund!
Wes thinks I'm crazy! But I know how it is to start out (and fail, and fail, and fail). I know these tips will help! I believe in them so much that the risk is all on me... Not you! So don't decide now if this product is right for you! Take six months to review our members area. Use the tools and techniques. The risk is entirely on us. You have nothing to lose!
"Right Tameka, but you Said '110%' and That I get 100% of my Money Back..."
"So Where's the Other 10%?"
Remember that, at the beginning, we said you will get over $500 worth of FREE bonuses (6 of them) with your one-year membership -- but only if you order before midnight, 1/9/2001. Try out our exclusive members area for a whole six months and, if you decide to cancel, you will get to keep all six bonuses FREE! They are yours forever, no matter what!
It is my gift to you in appreciation for giving us a try. In other words, you get to keep 19 special reports, 3 electronic books and all the FFA submissions you made during your membership (we'll never ask for a penny for them in return, if you decide to cancel -- let alone for the hundreds of dollars of personal consulting you received during that time!). Specifically, here's what you get if you order NOW...

FREE Bonus #1
Marketing TOOL! FFA Submissions!

Within our members area, you’ll have the ability to submit your URL twice a day (for an entire year!) to over 2000* popular "Free-For-All" pages (FFA). That's right... You get over 1,460,000 links to your site! "Free-for-all" links pages provide you an immediate surge of traffic and help increase

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