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After Life e
Cheats for Streets of Sim City 

  Press Ctrl-Alt-X to display the cheat code prompt and enter these case-sensitive codes:

  lock and load - Full ammo
  sampo - $999,999
  im back - Repair damage
  mr fabulous - Invincibility
  jupiter - Jupiter gravity
  earth - Earth gravity
  mars - Mars gravity
  moon - Moon gravity
  cruise control - Enable cruise control
  cow frags - Display cow frags in Scenario Progress window (F3)
  beefcake beefcake - All weapons and mods

  Note: These codes only work in Player's Choice. They are disabled during Scenario and Network

The GamerZone
Cheats for Afterlife To see Sam & Max on the map, type SAMNMAX. To get 10,000,000 pennies type $@! but only three times per game. The GamerZone http://www.gamerzone.com


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